The valid combinations of $GOOS and $GOARCH are:

aix ppc64
android 386
android amd64
android arm
android arm64
darwin amd64
darwin arm64
dragonfly amd64
freebsd 386
freebsd amd64
freebsd arm
illumos amd64
ios arm64
js wasm
linux 386
linux amd64
linux arm
linux arm64
linux loong64
linux mips
linux mipsle
linux mips64
linux mips64le
linux ppc64
linux ppc64le
linux riscv64
linux s390x
netbsd 386
netbsd amd64
netbsd arm
openbsd 386
openbsd amd64
openbsd arm
openbsd arm64
plan9 386
plan9 amd64
plan9 arm
solaris amd64
wasip1 wasm
windows 386
windows amd64
windows arm
windows arm64

ref. Installing Go from source - The Go Programming Language


GOARCH の意味は下記の通り:

  • amd64 (64-bit x86, the most mature port)
  • 386 (32-bit x86)
  • arm (32-bit ARM)
  • arm64 (64-bit ARM)
  • ppc64le (PowerPC 64-bit little-endian)
  • ppc64 (PowerPC 64-bit big-endian)
  • mips64le (MIPS 64-bit little-endian)
  • mips64 (MIPS 64-bit big-endian)
  • mipsle (MIPS 32-bit little-endian)
  • mips (MIPS 32-bit big-endian)
  • s390x (IBM System z 64-bit big-endian)
  • wasm (WebAssembly 32-bit)