docker-compose.yml の設定override

docker-compose.yml の設定を一部分だけオーバーライドして書き換えたい、といったときに docker-compose.override.yml が便利。

By default, Compose reads two files, a docker-compose.yml and an optional docker-compose.override.yml

Share Compose configurations between files and projects | Docker Documentation

Axios の代替ライブラリ

Axios is dead? こんなのを見た。



まだXMLHttpRequestを使ってるの? fetchのすすめ - Qiita

mutagen v0.12.0-beta4

mutagen の v0.12.0-beta4 が出たけど目ぼしい変更はナシ。

Release v0.12.0-beta4 · mutagen-io/mutagen

下記は mutagen-beta を macOS brew でインストールしたときのメッセージ。

==> mutagen-beta
Mutagen has a daemon component that runs on a per-user basis. You'll need
to invoke the following manually and/or add it to your shell
initialization script:

  mutagen daemon start

This command is idempotent and can be run any number of times.

Experimental support for automatically starting the daemon on macOS via
launchd is also available. To register Mutagen as a per-user daemon with
launchd, use:

  mutagen daemon register

This registration can be removed with:

  mutagen daemon unregister

In order to take advantage of automatic start-up, either log out and log
back in or run:

  mutagen daemon start

This support is experimental, so please provide feedback if you run into
any issues.

Please note that the Mutagen daemon should be manually restarted after an
update using:

  mutagen daemon stop
  mutagen daemon start

WARNING: Mutagen beta releases are not officially supported.